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Twenty years of educating children and parents…

Nearly 20 years ago, Aisha made a commitment to provide all children access to an excellent education. During her years as a middle school teacher, she realized that working directly with children was only part of the equation. If she wanted to have a bigger, more lasting impact, she’d have to work with our children’s first teachers and fiercest advocates–their parents.

Fortunately, all of those years as a middle school teacher turned administrator developed in her a sense of calm that she brings to her work with moms and dads who are often overwhelmed, confused or simply unsure about how to ensure their child is getting the best education. Whether it’s choosing their child’s first (or last) school, or figuring out how to partner with teachers so their son or daughter gets what they need, or even coaching parents on how to help their teens take ownership of their education, so they’ll be prepared for success in college, Aisha is all in.


Helping families choose the right schools for their children and helping parents and students know how to engage with those schools to get the best education possible–it's what we do.

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No relationship is more important than the one you build with your child's teacher. Learn how to engage to make sure your child is head of the class.

Empower your child.    

Strong academics aren't enough. We'll show you how to help your child be organized, focused and prepared for success–not just in school, but for success in life.