What happens if parents and students commit to fit? When they put finding the right academic and cultural environment ahead of proximity or familiarity?

They get more.

Crumbine Education Consulting was the bright light during a time of confusion. (They) gave the best advice: remember what is really important–your child’s happiness, self-confidence, and the school that will most help her to achieve these things.
— Tracy, Houston (boarding)

One of the greatest things we do for our children is listen to them and teach them to listen to and honor themselves. Encouraging them to look harder, to turn over every stone to find the school that feels right to them regardless of geographic location, is practice for what we hope they'll do in life. This is a lesson worth learning.  Not every student is not ready to consider boarding school, but for those who are, let's encourage and support them in pursuing what's best, even if it's not what's local.  

how do you know if your teen is ready for boarding school?

they want more.

More learning opportunities. More extracurricular offerings. More diversity. More support and guidance to figure out what he wants out of life. More distance from the distractions of home. More focus. More independence. More freedom. More room to grow. 

Every year, hundreds of qualified students are waitlisted from houston's premier high schools. Don't wait until March to realize you should have explored more options.

Comprehensive Boarding School Support: $3500*

When you choose full support from Crumbine Ed, here's how we help:

  1. Individual Family Consult: We'll meet with you and your child to get an understanding of who you are and what you are looking for in a school.
  2. Profile: We'll use the information gathered from the Family Consult to provide you with a list of potential fit schools. This list will include everything you need to know to engage with the schools: application deadlines, open house dates, rationale for why the school made the list and hyperlinks to everything. This will be your go-to file for all things admissions! 

  3. Email Reminders: Once we walk through the Profile, and you choose the schools to which you want to apply, we'll send you email reminders to make sure you never miss an important deadline.

  4. Ongoing Support: This is a big decision, and we are with you through the entire process. Call us. Text us. Email us. We're here to help you make the best decision. We want what you want: to find the best school for your child.
  5. Peace of Mind in knowing that you've explored every option to find the best fit school for your child.

*Arranged and accompanied school visits are available at cost.

The options and opportunities are vast. Explore more. Commit to fit. 

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