We believe that every parent wants their child to be successful in school. We also know that without guidance, knowing how to support our children can be really scary.  So we're providing the tools we know will help you feel confident working with teachers to get the best education for your child. 

Trouble-Shooting With Your Child's Teacher: 5 Steps to Problem-Solving With Your Child's Teacher & What Not to Do When Your Child Is Struggling In School

Beyond the Number Grades: Mid-Year Status Report (a template)

Do you know how your child is doing in school? Not the number grades, but how they are really doing. If you can't answer 'yes' with confidence, the answer is no.

Use The Beyond The Number Grades: Mid-Year Status Report, a parent/teacher conference template, to guide the conversation with your child's teacher and walk away knowing exactly how your child is progressing in school. This tool includes:

  • the email for you to send to your child's teacher and
  • the reflection template

Because parents should also know how their children are doing in school.

Beyond the Number Grades: End of Year Status Report

The End of the Year Reflection provides your child’s teacher the opportunity to reflect on your child’s academic and developmental/social strengths and areas of improvement in a narrative form. The completed End of Year Reflection can also be shared with the next teacher as a way to introduce your child and his/her most recent academic history.

To help you get the most out of this tool, we've included

  • the email for you to send to your child's teacher at the end of April for a mid-May conference
  • the reflection template, and
  • a sample conference script