You want more.

More information about particular schools, more guidance through the process, more individualized insight, more confidence to know you are doing all you can to make thoughtful, informed decisions for your son or daughter .

And yes, you could spend hours researching online, visiting countless schools without a real sense of direction, not to mention the hundreds of dollars in application fees to schools that might not be a good fit for your child–or... could let Crumbine Ed help you.

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Hourly Support

Maybe you have visited schools and want to double-check your observations. Maybe you and your partner have different opinions and you need a neutral third-party to help you make a big decision. Or maybe you'd like someone to sit down with your rising high schooler to help them put their best foot forward on their application. Hourly support would be perfect for you.

Comprehensive Support

With comprehensive support, we help you from start to finish.

  • We meet with you and your child to build a profile, highlighting key factors that will help guide your search.
  • We provide a list of 3-5 potential-fit schools. This list will include key characteristics about each school, why it made your list and key application dates and engagement opportunities.
  • You also receive a guide with questions that focus on what matters most to you, so you know exactly what to look for when you visit schools on your list.
  • We send you reminders for key deadlines and will gladly review your applications before you click ‘send’.
  • We'll help you choose when the acceptance or waitlist letters roll in. 

We'll always do everything we can to put your kid's confidence, academic and personal development first. 

We believe that when children are in schools that are right for them, they develop the skills to be confident, capable, and happy people. Since that's what we want for all children,

  • we'll never do anything that compromises our commitment to finding the right school; 

  • we'll never complete an application for you; and
  • we'll never teach you how to beat the system.

Because in all of those cases, kids lose.


Be informed. Be confident. Be at peace.

The work of finding the right school can be both challenging and time-consuming. Be informed and feel confident that you’re making the best decisions. Click the icon to schedule a discovery call to see how we can help you get the education your child deserves.