Everything You Need to Know: Montessori Edition

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Everything You Need to Know: Montessori Edition

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More and more families are asking about Montessori schools. What is it? What should I be looking for when I visit a Montessori school? How will I know if a Montessori school is right for my child culturally?

I sat down with Sara Cotner, a dear friend and Founder & Executive Director of Montessori For All, to get answers to your questions.

Register for this 35-minute, play-on-demand workshop and learn everything you need to know about choosing a Montessori education for your child.

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Montessori For All is an organization that seeks to expand children’s access to Montessori by opening authentic public schools in diverse communities across the United States.  Montessori For All strives to fully implement Montessori in a way that ensures equitable outcomes for all children. Sara has cultivated broad and deep insight into educational reform as a Teach For America national staff member, the founder of an independent consulting firm, an adjunct professor, and a teacher in various environments, including charter, traditional districts, and public Montessori. She is Elementary-certified and is a Montessori graduate.

Simply put: Sara is AMAZING!

What happens after you register for this 35-minute, play-on-demand workshop:

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  3. On January 21st, you will receive an email entitled “Everything You Need to Know Montessori Edition is LIVE”. The session will include a downloadable PDF with key takeaways and an audio file in the event you’d like to listen to the conversation on your way to work.