As school leaders, you are constantly grappling with how to help your teachers be the best they can be.  Professional development is critical to the teaching profession, but it often comes at a high cost.  When you want real change, noticeable growth, it is critical to have all of your teachers experience the same training, but sending your entire staff to conferences or out-of-town school visits is cost prohibitive.  

Enter Crumbine Ed PD. Our facilitators are experienced educators with unbelievable records of success when teaching struggling or emerging learners. And while we'd love to invite you and your staff into each and every one of our facilitators' classrooms, we realize the limitations of funding.  Never ones to be discouraged by the first 'no,' we pursued and found the 'yes.' We are bringing the best in education to you.   

Dave Crumbine, Facilitator

For the past 17 years, David Crumbine has been responsible for acclimating students to KIPP’s no excuses culture.  As the school’s gatekeeper, he has been responsible for helping students who arrive at the school several grade levels behind, lacking the study habits and motivation move on to the next grade level equipped with the skill necessary to be engaged learners. Dave has successfully helped thousands of students make the transition from students who were floating along year after year to students who were ready to be successful, active participants in their learning. 


Dave graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Psychology and Black Studies. He completed two years as a Teach For America corps member, where he was voted Teacher of the Year both years.  A two-time national Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award winner, Dave is the vice principal, fifth grade English teacher and Grade Level Chair at the original KIPP Academy in Houston, Texas where he's taught since 1999. His teaching was recently featured in Katrina Fried's book, American Teacher: Heroes in the Classroom.

2016 Workshop Offering

Laying the Foundation for Learning: Establishing a Culture of Learning With Your Students

Getting students to embrace being learners is about two things: the quality of academic instruction and equally, if not more importantly, their preparedness to engage in that instruction.  In this 1.5-day workshop, teachers will experience the orientation lessons Dave uses with his 5th graders during the first two weeks of school, as well as the rationale and benefit of each lesson. They will also be introduced to systems they can put in place throughout the year to build on the culture established during the first weeks of school. Participants will have time to not only be learners, but they will also have time to work on and get feedback on their own orientation plans.

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