Our focus at Crumbine Ed is two-fold: helping families choose the right schools for their children and helping parents and students know how to engage with those schools to get the best education possible.


Our ever-growing video collection of tips and tools help you do just that. 

On Middle School: Shifting Your Role From Parent to Coach

When your child starts middle school, that isn't the time to back off. It's the time to shift your role, to build capacity in your children so they can be successful academically and personally. Click here to learn more and to download our student guide. 

Public or Private School? Tips on How to Choose

One of the questions I hear most often is "should we go public or private?" Maybe you went to public schools and your partner went to private. You both turned out okay, but now you're trying to make a decision for your child, and you want to make the right one.

Our Children's Success Depends On Honesty 

Our children's success is closely tied to this one thing: our honesty.



On Middle School: What It's Really About

Your child's success in school in middle school is closely tied to something that has nothing to do with academics. For the full video on ways to help your teen be successful in school click here.