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Episode 9: How to Manage Students When You Don’t Have Administrator Support

We received questions from a couple of our listeners who wanted to know our take on homework, how to prepare for a sub, and how to manage students without admin support. We dive right in and share our thoughts along with actionable steps teachers, admins and parents can take to move forward.

Key takeaways:

  • The strength of the relationship determines your progress.

  • Culture drives the academics; academics don’t drive the culture.

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Episode 8: Daddy’s Sleeping!

Download The Conflict Resolution Template here.

We revisit the subject of our most popular episode to date: conflict resolution. We do an express cast to recap and provide a printable template with the 10 steps you can use to help anyone move through conflict: siblings, friends, and even partners (ehem).

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Episode 7: Hack the morning

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Two school-aged kids rarely make for a stress-free morning, but we’ve found the silver bullet that helps us get out of the house on time, every time. No nagging. No stress.

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Episode 6: How to manage all of the information thrown at us

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Episode 5: Winning over frustrated parents

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Our relationship with parents is critical to student success, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. In Episode 5 of The Teaching Gab, Dave and I share the strategy we used to turn our most frustrated parents into our biggest partners.

Episode 4: What do I do when so many of my students fail an assessment?

First year teacher and Teaching Gab listener, Erin Elizabeth sent us this question: So many of my students failed a test I just gave, and they don't seem to care. What can I do?

Tune in as we share what we did to reach and invest struggling students in their learning, as well as easy ways to assess student progress before the big test.

Episode 3: Conflict resolution in middle school

Teaching kids how to resolve conflict isn’t something you do once. You do it repeatedly. When your little one gets to middle school, the amount of conflict/drama increases. Here’s how we apply our resolution framework when working with teens.

Episode 2: Managing student conflict & why it matters

One of our most popular episodes to date. Tune in to learn how helping students resolve conflict can pay off big in the classroom.

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