Hiring or relocating an employee with children to Houston? Send them this email.

Note: School admissions season is August through January, with many deadlines in December.

Dear [insert name here],

Given our conversations, I think it’s safe to say there is some possibility of you joining our team here in Houston. 

I’d imagine that finding the right schools for your children will be an important consideration as you make your decision. Houston has some great school options, and I wanted to share a few resources and timelines that may be helpful.

If you are considering public schools, you should know that Houston ISD, the largest school district in Houston, has both neighborhood or “zone" schools, which you attend based on where you live. The district also offers choice (called "magnet") schools, which allow families to attend specialty schools (STEM focused, single-gender, Gifted and Talented, etc.) outside of their “zone”. These schools are called magnet schools and require interested families to complete an application due in December. The application and more information about Houston ISD magnet schools can be found here. Houston is also served by Spring Branch, Katy and Fort Bend ISD—depending on your commute tolerance.

If you are interested in private schools, you can visit Houston Area Private Schools   This site has a list of independent schools in the Greater Houston Area as well as links to the schools’ websites and contact information. The deadlines for these schools vary: early fall through February.

Houston is also home to well-regarded public charter schools Harmony  (K-12), KIPP  (PS3-12) and YES Prep Public Schools (6th-12th). Public charters are free public schools that must meet state standards but have been granted the autonomy that is often associated with independent schools: hiring privileges, budget control, curriculum design, etc. All three charters conduct a lottery to fill their open seats, so interested families must complete an application to be considered. Applications are being accepted now for KIPP and YES Prep.

While we are still in the interview process, I wanted you to have this information so that when the time comes, you and your family will be eager to call Houston home.  If you’d like guidance navigating your school options, check out Crumbine Education Consulting. They help local and relocating families find the right schools for their children.

All best,