Confused By Your Public School Choices? Hire A Coach

NPREd, 11/27/17

It's a familiar problem for parents in areas with a lot of school choice: charter, magnet, traditional, progressive, project-based, Montessori, STEM, STEAM, immersion ... the list goes on.

So in her search for a public school, Roth did what parents seeking to get into the best private schools have done for years: She hired a consultant.

It's a relatively new job title in the public school realm. But there are now — in a growing number of cities and districts as school choice has expanded nationwide — people who've made it their business, literally, to help parents find the right fit. They offer a range of services at a wide range of prices, but basically they're offering to coach confused and overwhelmed parents through the options.Read the full article here>>

Education Consultant Helps Find the Right Fit for Kids K-12

Houston Business Journal, 5/19/2017

Navigating the educational landscape in the Bayou City can be a daunting task for native Houstonians, let alone newcomers.

With so many options — public, private, magnet, charter and boarding schools — it is often an overwhelming challenge for parents to pick the best school for their children.

Enter Aisha Crumbine. Since 2013, the educational consultant has been helping parents, particularly new residents relocating to Houston, find the best fit school for their children. Read the full feature here>>


Educational Consultant Addresses Martha Turner SIR Meeting

Houston Chronicle, 9/25/2015

Aisha Crumbine, founder and principal consultant of Crumbine Education Consulting LLC, was the featured speaker at a recent Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty sales meeting. Crumbine works with parents to navigate the confusing - and sometimes overwhelming - process of choosing the right schools for their children, and reaches out to companies and Realtors as an additional resource in the local moving or relocation process for families.
"We offer one-on-one consulting for Houston families and those considering relocation to the Houston area," Crumbine said. "Engaging us as part of the search strategy gives families access to an expert who will help them find and apply to the best schools in Houston, alleviating the stress that accompanies the school search." Read the full article here>>

On the move: Back-to-school advice for newcomers

Houston Chronicle, 8/21/15

Schools are often the driving force behind the decision about which areas, neighborhoods and properties that a family will ultimately choose when looking for a new home. That decision can be especially difficult and daunting in the Houston area, given the many choices available. Whether parents are interested in private or public school options, there is much to understand and decipher, which can make for a very cumbersome process.

For that reason, many parents choose to enlist the services of an educational consultant who can help them to navigate the confusing and complicated waters of the many Houston area school districts, schools, and the various programs offered. Read the full article here>>