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Here are a few of our workshop offerings. Something missing? Let us know. We're happy to create a workshop answering your most pressing question. 


The When, Where and How of Choosing the Right School 

The three most commonly cited frustrations parents face when choosing a school are not knowing when to look, what what to look for and how to choose the right school for their child. Parents attending this workshop walk away with answers to their most pressing questions and actionable steps they can take navigate the process. 

This workshop is also offered as a Pre-School Edition for new parents.

The Essential Partnership: Engaging  Teachers as Partners

Parent engagement is critical to a child's success in school. But for many parents, no one's ever handed them an "engagement" manual. We don't always know how to have an effective parent conference, advocate for our children or simply make sure we're supporting our kids' education the best way possible. Parents who attend this workshop will walk away with a framework for engaging their child's teachers as partners and printed documents to facilitate effecting parent/teacher conversations. 

Shifting Course: What to Do When the School You're In Isn't a Good Fit

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering if we made the right decision. Did we choose the wrong school? Is this school meeting my child's needs? How do we proceed if the school we're in doesn't seem to be the right fit? Parents attending this workshop will have the tools they need to engage their child's teacher and the school administration in critical conversations needed to move their child forward or to a better environment. 

The Weekly Step-Back: The Meeting That Can Save Your Relationship With Your Teen While Teaching A Critical Skill

In our professional lives, we know the value of using a SWOT analysis to mind and communicate our progress to goal. When we apply this practice with our teens and engage them in weekly step-backs, we not only teach them a skill they'll use forever, we also establish a framework for effective communication between parent and child.

Roadmap to College: An Overview

The path to college is a four-year process beginning day one of high school. This workshop provides a wholistic view of the critical actions students should take each year to best position them for college admissions.