My Education, My Future: Empowering Your Child to Own Their Education

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My Education, My Future: Empowering Your Child to Own Their Education


Help your child earn better grades, develop stronger organizational habits, make new friends—anything. By showing them how to reflect on past successes and failures, set goals, and create a plan to work toward them, you teach your child that power to succeed is in their hands.

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Intention, one of the six essential skills for success, is the ability to set and work towards goals by backwards planning. This printable guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of helping your child set goals and an actionable plan to make them a reality.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Step-By-Step Checklist: This document provides an overview of the goal-setting conversation you'll have with your child

  • Questions to Guide Your Conversation: Want to know what questions will help your child move fluidly through the goal-setting process? This is it!

  • Sample Script for the goal-setting conversation: Sometimes it's easier to know what to do when you have an example to reference.

  • Three Reflection Document Templates and a completed sample for each

  • Student Goal Sheet: This is what your child will write down their goal and the daily/weekly actions they'll take to reach it (sample included)

  • Parent Support Sheet: This is where you'll write how you're going to support your child to reach their goal.

Take a look inside My Education, My Future

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