Public School

Visiting Schools? Keep these TWO things in mind.

Today Houston ISD magnet schools begin offering tours for prospective families. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you visit:

1. Culture matters: Pay attention to how the people in the building treat each other: student to student; teacher to student; teacher to teacher.  You want to know how your child will experience the school, and there's no better indicator than culture. 

2. Outcomes matter: Yes, you might be looking for a kindergarten or 6th grade seat, but what you're investing in is the outcome. Pay particular attention to the oldest kids on campus. Do they reflect what you want for your son/daughter at the end? Is the work they are doing work at the level you'd expect/want for your child? Are the behaviors they are exhibiting reflective of what you'd want? Remember, this is a long term investment. 

And here's a bonus: Ask questions! Don't worry about being that parent. If they mention a particular curriculum and you don't know what it is or why they chose it, ASK! The only way to make a sound decision is to know all of the critical facts.  

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